The Sporozoan is. It reaches inside the depths of tradition that is the Intaglio print and pulls out art.

Sporozoan is a word I use metaphorically to describe the serendipitous moment in time that tempts us to delve deeper into the act of seeing. This moment is the spark that allows growth in ourselves causing us to become.

The Sporozoan grows from the guts and goo of being human; it is the sweat, blood and fluid of our most passionate moments, it is the ripping of flesh as it is pierced, the pain and exhilaration of exertion and pureness of mind that allows us to love that which is vulgar and elegant all at a singular moment.

A friend once told me, “You have a musk about you and it runs through everything you do. Don’t let it go!” I am pervasive. I don’t fit. I am always the odd one out, no matter the situation. The “musk” my friend was talking about is both figurative and literal. I make no attempt to cover up or apologize for the person I am. I have practiced my persona for over 25 years and come along with baggage and madness, bad decisions and good ones: I regret nothing.

The Intaglio print has the same musk. Its richness of line and density of tone and color are unmatched and it has a smell that is pervasive and rich. It is no wonder the Intaglio print has been at the core of my practice for over 20 years. The act of creating an Intaglio print is nothing less than intercourse with ones art. It is an act of complete devotion to an image; first it is drawn into the plate, steel mating with copper, next it is painted with ink and then lovingly wiped away and only at this moment can the print be released onto the paper through a process of extreme pressure and a blending of oil and water to achieve the climax of the act.

My creation of imagery and subsequent ripping, cutting, pinning, sewing and weaving of my prints is a Sisyphean journey. I can never reach the pinnacle of creation because I do not believe there is one. Art must continually be in a state growth and death.  This is the core of my process a continuous creation and breakdown of process and end result with a thread of commonality that creates a collective aesthetic in my vision.

The Sporozoan is a practice, which requires discipline, meditation and attention to detail, it delves into me like needles through the skin forcing the imagery to become one with the idea. I am The Sporozoan: the invasive species crawling into your head making you find pleasure in the vision before you, making you question your subjectivity and your objectivity all with the desire to reel you in searching for more.

I believe in the act of seeing and the moment when we realize that the thing we have seen is a part of us forever. Making work that creates these moments is my passion.


RobRoy Chalmers February 2013

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