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My friend Traci finds the act of giving her art away as gifts to be exciting. Recently she sent me a small package of prints: complete with knitted cozy and acordian slipsheet. She sent this to me in the mail and asked me to give them away to people. She asked me to document my action of giving these prints away and send her the images. I have decided to go one step further with the idea and upload all the images to this blog as I write about each gift I give away.

There are nine prints tilted “superhero”, I will give them all away in the next month or so. I will invite everyone I give one to to come and comment on the experience of receiving the gift.

One Comment on “Traci's print as a gift”

  1. tracie says:

    Hi Rob…is it bad internet etiquette to respond by email to a posting on a blog? (is blog even a noun?) i guess i felt like i should put somthing here where you stuck up my prints. thanks for doing this, i think its very neat and hopefully will have some good potential. but, im not grumpy…oh wait, yes i am. where are the rest?!
    take care. tracie p

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