A Swarm to build on.

Swarm, originally uploaded by printtroll.

The Swarm is one large piece. It is constantly growing as I create more of its pieces. I haven’t definitively decided on an ending point, with regard to its numbers. I am thinking somewhere around 50,000. Each individual Swarm is connected to the larger piece and each Keeper of a piece of The Swarm is connected to all other Keepers through it. I have created a map so that all Keepers can see where the rest of The Swarm is. Because of its modular nature a Keeper is not limited to any certain size Swarm. They can vary from a Minuscule Swarm to a Swarm that infests a whole wall. And The Swarm can grow over time with a Keeper adding to her/his Swarm as they see fit.

Art can change our world. Just let it be a part of your life.

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