Writing grant proposals.


I have been spending a lot of time recently working on putting together grant proposals. They aren’t easy. I am not one to second guess myself but when you are asking a foundation or organization for a grant of 25 thousand dollars it is hard not to question every thing you write. I well know that the most important thing for an artist and their grant proposal are the images they present, that said I am struggling so much with my cover letter it is unreal. I have rewritten it so many times and almost sent it out a couple times. It is ridiculous because I am typically not like this. I usually dive in and make it work. But writing a proposal is not like making artwork I can’t continually work on it. I can’t erase everything and start from a veiled shell on a new piece. Once I drop the proposal in the mail I am at the mercy of a group of jurors deciding if they should give me a huge chunk of money to make art with: it is purely daunting.

OK now to finish it.

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  1. kim says:

    writing grants is part of what i do for a living. i’ve not done any for myself yet, but i totally relate. haven’t been to your blog for a while — it’s the middle of the night and it was a worthwhile visit.

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