Before The Swarm.

DUMBO Studio

In all this frenzy surrounding The Swarm I have neglected to talk about work that came before it. I started making these hanging wall pieces when I was in the DUMBO studio in Brooklyn. I had a lot of drawings that I couldn’t seem to finish or I just felt needed to evolve into something else. The Tapestries grew from this need to push my drawings to a new place. I had weaved prints together a little bit, as you can see in front of the wall pieces. I had never pushed the weaving to the complexity and fluidity that I was able to accomplish in these Tapestries.


When we moved to western Mass. I pushed these things even further and they led me to new places. I was never able to finish any of these pieces. Life kept getting in the way. Now we are back in Seattle and I feel confident that I can and will return to these works and bring them to the place they need to be. ( Oh to have a studio again. ) I hope to show them in a setting other than a studio so that I can think at length about their presentation to the viewer.

You have a musk about you!


A friend said to me, “You have a musk about you and it runs through everything you do. Don’t let it go!”

I took this as a great compliment. I am pervasive. I don’t really fit. I always seem to be the odd out no matter the situation. The “musk” my friend was talking about is both figurative and literal. I make no attempts to cover up or apologize for who I am. I have spent 25 years making myself into the person I am with all the baggage and madness that that brings a long with it. I make bad decisions and good ones I regret nothing.

My art and I have a musk about us and we will continue to do so, no matter what comes our way. So bring it on life! You cannot and will not steal or force me to cover up my “musk”.

Making do.

Corner of studio.

My work space/dining table is now covered with Sporozoan Swarm Containers as I put about 10 of them together. As I am doing this I am once again reminded of how I thought my 175 square foot studio in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn was so small. I made great use of that space and was able to make about 10 or 15 drawings that were about 4 feet by six feet in size.

Here I am working off my table to make the building blocks of huge pieces and using the walls of banks and boutiques to create my larger work. It is an exciting and terrifying process as I watch the primary focus of my art shift from the making of large solitary objects to the creation of thousands of tiny pieces that ebb and flow finding temporary locales in which to exist.

Sweetie Boutique 2nd Install

It is in this excitement and fear that I am finding a passion I cannot ever remember having: one of almost giddy elation. This work has rejuvenated me, my work and the excitement of people with regards to my work. Making work to exist in public spaces for only a short period of time feeds into my idea of serendipitous experience producing memories with grand meaning.

Art can change your world just allow yourself to see it.

I really do believe it!


I believe art can change the world and you should too. Art forces us to look at our selves: our greatest accomplishments and all of our shortcomings. Art can ask us to look deep inside and be critical. Art can ask us to challenge our belief structures and the belief structures of those around us. Art can make us laugh, cry, love, hate and feel all the emotions we are able to feel. Art can leave us cold or warm and fuzzy. Art can draw us in or push us away. Art can do all these things because we engage ourselves in a dialog with an object, a piece of dance, a painting. You the viewer must partake to complete it.

Imagine a world without art. Think really hard before you allow yourself to believe you can do so. It is not an enjoyable place to be.

Take a moment today to appreciate a piece of art, really look at it and find its meaning, find the passion the artist put into it. It will stay with you.

Tiles and art everywhere.

Grouted shower enclosure. #1

One of my Flickr friends asked me to talk about this shower enclosure so here I go. These were great clients who had a side bathroom with a fiberglass enclosure in it. The bathroom was hardly ever used and they wanted something funky to happen in the enclosure. They had a bunch of miscellaneous tiles in their garage and asked me to break them and create a piece of art. I was excited and just flew by the seat of my pants.

This was a fun project that took about three days to complete. They loved it and I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

Art should be all around us. Why live a life without beauty in it?

Swarm featured.

Medium Sporozoan Swarm, originally uploaded by printtroll.

The Swarm was featured on Design for Mankind today. Swarm.

Sporozoan Cavities.

sporozoan cavities, originally uploaded by printtroll.

The Sporozoan Cavities suite of prints is the point of departure for most all of the work I am making right now. This suite is made up of 15 Intaglio prints. The plates are 18″x24″ and printed in black on 22″x30″ Rives BFK Tan paper . I am also printing them in A la poupee technique. Each print will be an edition of 25 in both black and A la poupee.

This is an immense amount of work and I am really excited to get it finished so that they can begin to migrate into the world.

Sporozoan Swarm from the side.

Sporozoan Swarm, originally uploaded by printtroll.

The Swarm can be viewed from many dimensions. I love looking at from the side because it has such a great dimensionality.

1000 little pieces.

1000 little pieces., originally uploaded by printtroll.

I was drawing on pieces as I picked them out of the pile, which never seem to get any smaller. Izzy was very helpful both in picking pieces out and then drawing on some of them.

1000 little pieces.

1000 little pieces., originally uploaded by printtroll.

Izzy dancing. Me finding just the right piece.

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