First piece of 2013.


My artistic life over the past three years has been consumed by The Sporozoan Swarm. It makes sense that the first piece for me to finish in 2013 would be Swarm related. After many a discussion with Zanne I have begun to make these Containers in a way that highlights small pieces of the larger whole. This makes sense considering that I look at The Swarm as one huge piece rather than a bunch of individual pieces. I believe this piece being my first of the year is also fitting because The Swarm is going through a major evolution right now.

In my studio the work is changing quickly and I am excited to see how it emerges over the next few months.


“…..artists create images and feel thoughts others push down to not show emotion and not seem weak…..”

Cousin Bill

Art is Important!

Art is important! It makes us feel, it makes us see, it makes think in ways we never thought we could. If art and its artists truly want to affect society and viewers it must transcend the decorative and become more than its face value. It must draw its viewers in and sequester them inside the artists mind for a time to fully penetrate the psyche.

Make art. Talk about art. Feel art. The rest of the world will fall into place.

The Sporozoan.

The primary shape of The Sporozoan is derived from the human chest cavity, which I believe to be the core of all that is sensual, sexual and artistic in our beings.

How much effort?

What does it take to accomplish the goal of being an artist? It takes talent of course, a lot of it, but more importantly it take perseverance.

An artist can have all the talent in the world but if they don’t strive for their work to be seen they will never accomplish the most important part of being an artist. Communication is the most important part of being an artist. We communicate an idea, ideas that can only be understood through visual language. Visual language, like all languages requires endless practice to ensure comprehension of an idea. Once this practice has achieved its pinnacle and the artist feels that they are ready for the art to be viewed the hard part begins.

How do you get your work out there? How do you get seen? You must push hard and harder to get more viewers. It takes endless hours of talking about your work with people and getting them to talk about your work. You need to be seen by more than just 20, 50 or 100 people. You need thousand upon thousands of people to see your work. Then you need all of them to talk about you and your work. It takes courage, confidence and tireless motivation as at every turn someone is forgetting to talk about you. It is your work you must motivate people to come to your shows and in turn invite their friends who in turn invite their friends. When it becomes self-perpetuating I do not know. I just know you must continually push because the statement “out of sight out of mind” is true.

So don’t stop talking about your work. Keep motivated and never let the bastards get you down.

Look close.

I use the term Sporozoan metaphorically to describe the serendipitous and infectious moment of seeing, which tempts us all to look just a bit more closely.

It is an important moment. It asks us to use our senses to pursue our intellect. We must continually push our boundaries to discover all that we are. Art allows us to search deep within ourselves, it forces us to manipulate the world we live in and to bring out our passions.


A long time friend said this about me this morning. I think it rings very true.

“RobRoy sees his art swarming around the globe. He is hoping to use the power of social media to spread the word ….and then he will come and spread the swarm. The analogy to the way we communicate , news travels and ideas are germinated is perfectly expressed in his creative and visually exciting installations. (that’s all I would add) xox J. A patron , a friend and entusiastic admirer!”

Thanks Janet!

Swarm in shadows.

Swarm Crazy Light

I love this shot. A tiny Swarm in dark light. Shadows play a huge role in the layout of this work.

Skin Care by Casey

Skin Care by Casey # 2

I have been friends with Casey at Skin Care by Casey for almost 2 years now. She saw The Swarm and contacted me to install one in her location on Alki Beach. I jumped at the chance to install in her space which was different than any other space I had installed in to date. When she told me she was moving her space and wanted the piece to come with her I was again excited to take on the challenge of a new space. Her new space was small and did not allow any space to view the art so I tried to make it sparse and tell a story with The Swarm. It was the first time I did an interlocking spiral in The Swarms design. This has become a powerful theme running through its structure ever since.

Kickstarter Video.

Video of me talking about my Kickstarter project.

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