Look Close

I use the term Sporozoan metaphorically to describe the serendipitous and infectious moment of seeing, which tempts us all to look just a bit more closely.

It is an important moment. It asks us to use our senses to pursue our intellect. We must continually push our boundaries to discover all that we are. Art allows us to search deep within ourselves, it forces us to manipulate the world we live in and to bring out our passions.


A long time friend said this about me this morning. I think it rings very true.

“RobRoy sees his art swarming around the globe. He is hoping to use the power of social media to spread the word ….and then he will come and spread the swarm. The analogy to the way we communicate , news travels and ideas are germinated is perfectly expressed in his creative and visually exciting installations. (that’s all I would add) xox J. A patron , a friend and entusiastic admirer!”

Thanks Janet!

Swarm In Shadows

I love this shot. A tiny Swarm in dark light. Shadows play a huge role in the layout of this work.


The Sporozoan Swarm is fragile and requires maintenance and renovation occasionally, especially when it is in a high traffic area. The install at Sweetie Boutique is a prime example due to regular display changes. This maitanence that I do has also allowed for this install to grow and change in a way that I don’t think I would have discovered without the introduction of destruction into the piece. These changes helped lead me to the idea of The Sporozoan Swarm changing over time at a single location.